Our Story (So Far)

About Us

Founded in 2011 (but with over 30 years IT experience) we are a small, but perfectly formed, consultancy specialising in helping you to successfully navigate your Agile Journey, no matter what your current position is. 

Although based in central Scotland we have a local  and world-wide reach, with previous assignments undertaken in the UK, Scandinavia, the Benelux Union and the Caribbean. 


Through our company, and our extensive network of certified associates, we are able to provide a comprehensive list of Services including:

  • Agile Capability Assessment
  • Backlog and Release Planning
  • Agile Implementation - Local and At-Scale
  • Assistance in Agile Staff Selection
  • Provision of Agile Resources from Whole-Team to Coaching, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers / Testers etc.
  • Coaching / Training

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience, for further information.

Why Informed Business Intelligence?

As a Company we are small enough to focus on your immediate need but, through our network of Certified Agile Associates, we are large enough to handle any Enterprise Agile-Related assignments you may have.  

Our unwavering belief in the Core Agile Principles is enhanced by a Pragmatism, born of Real-World Business Experience,  allowing us to get you in the right  direction at the right time.

We are Tool and Process Agnostic, having worked with manual (whiteboard) and electronically distributed (Jira, Version One, Trello etc.) tracking tools utilising SCRUM and Kanban frameworks.

If you have any existing requirements, or are unsure where the best starting point for your Agile Journey is (and would like to discuss further), please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.



"I worked with John during my time at the Scottish Government with CGI. John is a Superb Scrum Master. He understands team dynamics very well, and knows how to get the very best out of team members. His management skills are among the best I have worked with. Delivery focused, organised and inspiring - John has been a pleasure to work under."  Test Lead - Public Sector

"John joined the Agile Programme I was running and took charge of a number of agile teams that were struggling, both performance-wise and operationally. Within a short period of time, he turned them around and they quickly began beating all previous story point totals. Feedback from the teams also turned from despondent and negative to highly positive and enthusiastic. He was a valuable addition to my team and I thoroughly recommend him if you're considering adding him to yours." Programme Manager - Scottish Government

"John's knowledge of Agile practices in conjunction with his upbeat and personable manner made him a great member of the team. I wouldn't hesitate in hiring John again for a role like this."  Agile Coach - Finance Sector

"John is a great SCRUM Master and fits right in with any team of people.   

John can balance the needs of the facilitative SCRUM Master role with his built in Project Manager's lust for results.  

John's positive outlook is passed onto any team he manages where people feel valued and want to do a good job and this is shown in the software deliverables presented at the end of every sprint."   Associate Director - Entertainment Industry